What To Look For When Selecting A Solar Contractor

Are you interested in solar panels for your home? Are you ready to move forward with your residence or business being powered by solar energy? Great!

Now comes the question, which solar contractor do I choose? With so many companies available, it can be difficult to know what to look for and what to avoid. After all, solar systems are a serious financial investment. And unfortunately, solar panel scams exist, with individuals falling prey.

In this month’s Atlasta Solar Center blog, we explore what you should know when selecting a solar contractor, as well as how to spot and avoid solar scams.

Tips When Looking at Solar Contractors

No matter the company you’re looking at, use these two tips:


Really research as you browse companies. Refer to about pages, read reviews, and ask any family and friends who have solar, how their experience went. Do they like the contractor who installed their panels? What are they like to work with? Was the contractor transparent about financing and warranties? How well do the solar panels perform?

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! A valid solar company won’t be afraid to answer the questions you have. Even if a solar representative can’t provide an answer right away, they should direct you to someone who does. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll learn about solar systems and financing.

What To Look For In Solar Contractors

As you consider different solar panel contractors, here’s what to look for:


No matter the industry, you can’t beat experience. And the same applies to solar energy contractors. You should check these three factors:

  • Years in business: how long has the company been around? Has the company been installing solar for several decades, or are they relatively new?
  • Number of installations: how many solar arrays and related solar systems has the company installed?
  • Years of experience each team member has: how long has each member been in the solar industry?


How much a solar system costs depends on several factors: the size of your home, how much energy your home consumes, which panel type you will use, etc. Although a contractor may not be able to provide an exact price, a reputable solar installer should provide you with a realistic estimate. That way, you can budget properly.


Does a solar contractor have the solar panels you are considering? If not, do they have comparable options? It’s also worth knowing if the company actually carries solar panels in stock—not every solar panel company will carry their equipment and products in stock, therefore they will need to order parts. At Atlasta Solar Center, we are proud to carry panels in stock.


It’s entirely understandable for home and business owners to be intimidated by the cost of installing solar panels. Though the system will pay for itself over the years, people want to be sure that going solar is a worthy investment.

Reputable solar companies often offer a variety of financing options. These options will vary depending on the installer, so it’s very important to fully discuss and compare available plans.


A sign that a company is trustworthy is when they emphasize education. This means that their employees like to educate both current and potential clients about how solar works, panel maintenance, financing, etc. In other words, the company is transparent about:

  • their products
  • company mission/ philosophy
  • financing and installation

The more you know about solar systems, how they work, and how they are financed, the better. A reliable solar panel contractor is happy to speak with you and answer your questions.


A solar energy system is a big investment, so you need to rest assured that the system will last a long time. Most panels last around 25 years, while other parts, such as solar batteries, last about 12 years. Knowing what the warranty does and does not cover is absolutely essential.

In fact, there is more than one solar warranty. Here are some solar warranties to be aware of:

  • Workmanship Warranty
  • Equipment Warranty
  • Performance Warranty

Ask solar contractors what warranties they provide, and what they cover.

Solar Scams

Sadly, solar energy scams lurk about, duping individuals to purchase low-quality equipment—or even equipment that doesn’t work at all. Here’s what you need to know about solar scams, so you can avoid these red flags:

Beware of “Solar Sales Bros”

Unfortunately, the combination of social media (namely Instagram) and door-to-door sales has resulted in a phenomenon referred to as “solar sales bros.” These “bros” are individuals who know little to nothing about how renewable energy works. Their tactics include door-to-door sales and phone calls. These salespeople use misleading tactics to dupe people into buying solar panels, without fully explaining just how the financing will work. The result? They make thousands of dollars per sale and often advertise their success via social media.

How and why does this occur? As of this writing, there is no training or license required in most states to sell solar. Therefore, anyone can “train” themselves to sell solar, without having to actually work for a solar company. Rather, these salespeople are working as freelancers for installers, and earn commission when they make a sale.

Time Sensitive Deals

You should never be rushed into signing for solar. Whether a door-to-door salesman or online, don’t let anyone convince to sign for a deal that is for a “limited time only.” This pressure is so you sign without reading the contract in full.

Free Solar Panels

Listen to your gut—if an email feels scammy, it likely is scammy. Or if a post promises “free” solar panels and other freebies, steer clear.

False Claims About Tax Credits

Some contractors will tell potential customers that the federal tax credit will soon be eradicated, but this simply isn’t true.

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