How Many Solar Panels To Power A House?

Can a solar system power a house? Yes! But how many solar panels to power a house? The answer depends on several factors: how much energy your household or business consumes, where you live, the type of panels used, etc. Let’s take a further look! Knowing Your Energy Needs Today’s solar panels are far more … Read more

What Is A Kilowatt?

Whenever you are reviewing quotes for a solar system, you will see the abbreviations kW (which stands for kilowatt) and kWh (which stands for kilowatt hours.) But what exactly is a kilowatt? How about kilowatt hours? Knowing what kilowatts and kilowatt hours mean is especially crucial if you have or are planning to install a … Read more

How Does Solar Power Work?

A source of clean energy while reducing your utility bills, solar panels only continue to increase in popularity. But how does solar power work in the first place? The simple answer is that solar power harnesses and converts the sun’s energy into electricity. But how exactly do solar panels accomplish this? What components are required … Read more

What Is Solar Power?

If you are looking to decrease your energy bills, consider solar energy. Renewable and sustainable, solar power continues to grow in popularity across the country. But what is solar power? How and why is it such a crucial form of energy? How do solar panels capture the energy of the sun? Atlasta Solar Center explains … Read more

Flat Roof Solar Panel

Can you have solar panels on a flat roof? The short answer is yes. Most people are used to seeing solar panels installed on a pitched roof, but solar panels can be installed and function on flat roofs as well. There are several considerations to keep in mind when it comes to solar panels on … Read more

Replace Roof Solar Panels

With proper care, solar panels can last 25 to 30 years. But even with the best care, solar panels will slowly lose their efficiency to convert sunlight into energy. But how do you know when to replace roof solar panels? How are solar panels replaced? If you’re looking for replacement solar panels, Atlasta Solar Center … Read more