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Atlasta Solar Center has been serving the Western Slope for 42 years. Our focus has always been our community. As the longest operating solar company on the Western Slope of Colorado, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality experience while maintaining health and safety. Atlasta Solar Center is able to conduct a fully-virtual Solar Site Analysis.

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Residential Solar

Continuing to pay the utility, month in and month out, is like a never-ending loan for your electric bill. With solar, you swap bills! Now, you have an end in sight for your electric bill and OWN your power!


Commercial Solar

Is your business ready for clean energy branding? Atlasta Solar Center provides business owners with solar energy solutions that are affordable, accessible, custom, and efficient. We help decrease your bills and increase your assets.


Off-Grid Solar

Providing those in remote areas with off-grid solar solutions that are affordable, custom, and efficient. We help increase your assets while keeping cost at a minimum.


Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems allow you to solve two problems at once: rising heating bills and efficiency of heating your home. Call Atlasta today for a consultation to see if a solar thermal system is right for you.


Wind Power

Though we primarily specialize in solar and solar thermal systems, Atlasta offers a variety of wind power options for commercial and residential clients alike. Give us a call to learn more and schedule a consultation today!


The Atlasta Advantage

For 42 years, we’ve worked hard to realize our vision of communities powered by the sun’s clean, sustainable energy, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re the only solar power provider on the Western Slope (and one of the only in all of Colorado) with solar panels in stock and ready to install. We don't need to order product before starting a job. Call today to join the revolution of clean, cost-effective energy!

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