Western Colorado's #1 Solar Energy Solution

Atlasta Solar Center has been serving the Mesa County area for almost forty years. As the longest operating solar company in Colorado, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality experience while assisting them in transitioning over to a new energy-efficient lifestyle. Our vision is one of businesses, homes, neighborhoods, communities, powered by the clean, sustainable energy of the sun at a cheaper cost. With over two thousand systems installed, we think we’re doing a pretty good job! We at Atlasta would be honored to help you join the revolution of clean, cost effective energy.

Supplying Energy at the Lowest Cost to You

Our goal is to supply homes with energy at a lower cost while promoting a cleaner earth. We help people become aware of their energy usage by locking in their cost of energy for any amount of years. Basically, you buy the energy needed for the time it takes to pay off your system at a low cost, and after that it’s free! By doing so we save you money and create a more energy conscientious community. Solar energy is the future of energy.

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