Solar Panels for Golf Carts

What first comes into your mind when you hear the phrase “golf cart?” Have you ever imagined describing golf carts as “environmentally clean” and “affordable?” Well, solar panels for golf carts provide that option. If you’re a regular of the classic putting green, you might wonder whether solar panels even have a place on the golf course. Gasoline golf carts can release an extensive amount of pollution to the atmosphere. They’re also often highly expensive to maintain, with accessories and luxury components upping costs.

However, breakthroughs in the field of clean energy have streamlined the application of solar panels for golf carts. Solar panels are touted for their practical benefits in residential and commercial power generation. Many homes, schools, and office buildings have long since hopped onto the solar bandwagon. Now too though, solar panels are making their way into the avenues of fun and recreation.

Read on to discover more about the basics of solar panels for golf carts. We discuss the benefits of using solar panels in golf courses, and how you can have your own solar panel installed on your vehicle, or for your fleet!

Solar Panels For Golf Carts
The putting green is getting greener.

What Exactly is a Solar Golf Cart?

Much like the name suggests, solar golf carts are powered through specifically-made solar panels for golf carts. This method of utilizing energy is in direct contrast with that of gas-powered golf carts, which rely on either two-stroke or four-stroke combustion engines fueled with regular gas.

Solar panels on top of golf carts allow them to absorb energy from the sun in the form of radiation. Obviously, solar paneled carts are thus better used in sunny conditions. Likewise, they may not work optimally in habitually rainy climates.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels for Golf Carts

Solar panel golf carts have several benefits. Golf Squawk categorizes these benefits into three general categories, which are the following.

High-level Performance

Solar-powered golf carts pack a punch. These vehicles may even outperform modern gas or electric carts. Compared to other golf carts, those with solar panels may have up to 5-miles of more travel range. They may also allow up to 10% more driving time before needing to recharge/ refuel. Solar power may also extend your golf cart’s battery life, making solar panels a truly cost-efficient option.

Environmental Friendliness

One of the most straightforward benefits to solar is that they leave less of a carbon footprint. Gasoline and other fossil fuels, for comparison, can spread a significant dose of chemical pollutants through the air. Solar power is a greener source of electricity that promotes the concept of “clean energy.” So, if you’re looking for an option to maximize environmental awareness within your golf course, try out solar panels!

Financial Perks

Aside from delivering effective performance and increased environmental protection, solar panels for golf carts can also have the advantage of saving you money in the long run. In the short-term, the application of solar panels can have an initial high purchasing and running cost. But in the long run, you’ll be able to reduce your annual electrical costs. 

Solar Golf Cart Benefits
Several advantages come with making the switch to solar energy and using solar panels for golf carts.

Before Getting Started With Your Own Solar Golf Cart

Before you begin purchasing components to transform the vehicles at your golf course to be solar-powered, make sure to consider what type of products will be best suited for your needs. For example, assess whether you want to spend money on a completely new solar roof panel to replace the roof of your vehicle, or whether you just want to append solar panels to your existing roof. 

In that case, you’ll need solar kits. Solar kits can be purchased in the bulkier bolt-on type or the more malleable and lightweight flex type. Solar power systems also come in wattages commonly ranging from 100 to 280 watts, and even can be customized up to 540 watts, so make sure to determine your energy requirements.

It’s also important to be aware of common misconceptions about solar panels that may hinder you from sealing the deal. First off, the weight of most solar panels is not really enough to affect the operation of the vehicle, meaning they won’t be an extra load on your cart. 

Next, flying golf balls won’t be much of a safety hazard to the seemingly fragile panels; a layer of safety glass keeps the solar panels free from damage. Lastly, no matter how overcast the weather is, charging your carts will always be an ongoing process. Cloudy days might decrease charging efficiency, but they’ll still generate electricity nonetheless.

Solar Panels for Golf Carts: Essential Maintenance Tips

Of course, to ensure that your solar-powered golf carts last for long, make sure to employ these easy but highly necessary care and maintenance tips for solar panels.

  • As much as possible, try to keep your solar panels out of the shade to avoid decreasing charging efficiency.
  • Use ready-made solar panel cleaning kits to keep the dirt and grime away from your power-generating cells.
  • Make sure to monitor the performance of your solar panels day by day to assess what needs to be fixed or replaced.

Final Words

Solar panels for golf carts can be a great addition to optimize vehicle performance and promote environmental practices within your golf course! Make sure to check back on this article if you’re ever considering purchasing solar panels for golf carts in the near future. For any inquiries, connect with us at Atlasta Solar. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about everything solar!